I suppose I had to suspect someone other than the cops would ask for my credentials one day!


AS-Music Technology

Repair Technician-Quilan & Fabish(Chicago),Royal Music(Detroit),CustomMusic-Importers-(Detroit),Hales Music(Syracuse),Port Huron Music(Port Huron),etc.

Machinist-Precision Hardware(Detroit)

Shilke Music Products- In charge of assembly and machining setup as wellas design for E,D,G&Cornets

Michigan Musical Instrument Service- This is my own shop where I fabricateparts for the industry as well as build custom made (to order) trumpets.I maintain full machine shop abilities with the capability to draw tubing/spinbells/duplicate valves and valve casings. Of course I repair horns here andgenerally try to make a living.

In regards to my discussion I belong to ASM, American Society for Metalsand subcribe to their mailing list as well as maintain a good sized libraryof technical manuals and reference material pertaining to the soft alloysused in brass instrument construction.

I am interested in discussing design without all the goop that seems tocome with the territory. I do not get ideas from my dog or cat! I have studiedsome acoustics at Oakland University (our local automotive engineering school).I could go on but this should give you a good idea of where it is I'm comingfrom.

This is what I look like on a good day!

D. Kevin Powers

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