Tools for Valve Removal and Replacement

Valve Removal and Replacement

(The tools may be made out of any number of materials.The hammer should have a hard wood handle with a plastic head. The Valve Punch body should be made of brass with the protuding rod made of oil hardening drill rod. The Valve Bearing Punch should be made of a resilient plastic, such as, Delrin.)

1) Remove the screw connecting the valve lever arm to the valve stop

2) Remove the screw connecting the valve stop to the Capstan

*Note- Always place the screws where they will not be lost!

3) Remove the valve cap

*If the valve cap is stuck, usually a soft tap with the hammer on the knurled edge of the cap will loosen it.

4) Remove the valve by placing the valve punch in the capstan screw hole.Holding the valve punch with one hand, use the plastic hammer to drive the valve and rear bearing out of the valve casing.

*Place the instrument on a rug or soft surface so as not to damage the valve or instrument tubing

5) Clean the valve and casing with brass cleaner (Brasso works good!) It is also a good idea to clean the whole instrument while the valves are removed.

6) When replacing the valve, place a small amount of valve bearing oil on both bearing surfaces

7) Set the valve in the casing and gently place the rear bearing in position.Using the valve bearing punch and plastic hammer, carefully tap the bearinguntil it is flush with the valve casing. Check the vavle to be sure it will rotate freely.

*If there is binding, use the hammer and valve bearing punch. Place the valve bearing punch squarely on the bearing and tap along the outeredge of the punch until the valve moves smoothly.

8) Replace the valve cap

9) Replace the valve stop, tap it with the plastic hammer until it is flush.

*Do not attempt to squeeze the valve stop down with the capstan screw, these screws are very difficult to remove if broken off below thescrew head.

10) Replace capstan screw and valve lever arm screw, oil.

Good Luck!

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